Management staff, students and alumni of Orita Sinclair participated in the inaugural Halloween and BBQ Night 2016 held at 12 Pahang Street on 31st October 2016. Organized by the new Student Council, this is the first time for Orita Sinclair to have the Halloween celebration.

Students were dressing up with costume and scary make up on their faces. Anirudh from Design Communication Department rocked the night with his version of Grim Reaper that stroke his force that night. The ‘innovative’ decoration picture of Valak’s (Conjuring 2) face hanging on the ceiling was the killer decoration that made the news of the night. It successfuly made our Service Excellence Advocate, Wee Leng screamed at the top of her lungs.

Many thanks to Jesslyn, Ili, Aafee, Daniel, Xiu Hui, Yi Ping and all others students who made this a wonderful night to be remembered.