Certificate in Copywriting

Duration: 12 hours

Price:  S$360


This module introduces participants to the elements of copywriting and how to express a succinct viewpoint tailored to the textual situation. Balance clarity with creativity in promotional text and learn from case studies in-class exercises. Participants must be able to demonstrate: the understanding of Branding and Naming Brands, the understanding of Brand Identity and Writing for Visuals, and the understanding of the Copywriter’s Job, such as Writing Tag-lines and Organizing/Creating Content. This course aims to instruct and provide participants with an understanding of copywriting as well as brand identity, and how the latter can shape the former. It also makes copywriting practically helpful and immediately applicable by fleshing out how copywriting and branding can be applied to not just big brand clients and agency life, but also to one’s own work and portfolio as a participant/freelancer

Learning Outcomes

Students will understand how copywriting will aid in brand awareness of certain products and learn how to tailor their copy to fit different target audiences. They will learn how to use the three essentials of copywriting (headline, body copy and call-to-action) to effectively convey their message. Students will also learn how to write for online and offline media outlets that will aid in product promotion. These media outlets include: Print Ad Copy, Advertorial Copy, Flyer and Brochure Copy, Facebook and Twitter Copy.


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