Global Battle of the Bands (Singapore) was launched on 31st October 2015 at TAB. Proudly sponsored and organized by Orita Sinclair, this event brought the best bands in Singapore to compete for the chance to represent Singapore in the world competition held in Berlin, Germany.

This competition brought real-world education to the students in the Diploma in Music Production and Audio Engineering where they were provided with the opportunity to handle the various aspects of production such as video, audio recording and stage management. The winning band ‘The Marisol’ competed in the world finals in Berlin on 26th May 2016. Held in the club SO36 in the Kreuzberg district, the venue was world famous among the international punk rock scene. The world finals drew competitors from European Union and as far as Australia.

It was a hard fought ‘battle’ but in the end, the band from Ukraine won the world finals for GBOB World 2016.

Despite not winning, the experience was a memorable one for Singapore’s representative. According to our representatives, it was the farthest they had performed outside of Singapore and they had made many friends from all over Europe. This made the journey all worthwhile and rewarding experience.