Orita Sinclair Graduation Ceremony 2016 was unlike other graduation ceremonies.

Our Graduation Ceremony took the form of a celebration, performance and a party. Students and Lecturers collaborated as a band and presented more than four songs together. Aafee and Rizal joined forces and demonstrated their rhythmic skills, playing in perfect synchrony with each other throughout all songs. Surprise came from Design Communication Course Manager, Boon, whose talented drum beat wowed and inspired the audience.

At the same time, we celebrated the good academic performances of our students. Aidil and Edna were awarded the most outstanding and best graduates of their respective study programmes. Aidil’s Final Year Project was put on display, amazing the public. His parents shared their extreme pride and joy at their son’s

achievements. Aidil’s Mum further expressed that her deeper happiness is seeing her son growing to be more responsible person and mature young adult through his education at Orita Sinclair.