Web and Mobile Interface Design

Course Description:

There are millions of websites, blogs, and forums buried in digital space. Whether you are viewing from a computer screen or mobile device, the ability to design an engaging interface has always been a struggle for most web and mobile interface designers. It is now your responsibility to design an easy to use navigation system without compromising on aesthetics.

Course Objectives:
This course aims to provide participants with the necessary skills when designing layouts for various web and mobile publications. Participants will examine the key areas of website interface design while exploring usability, the dos and don’ts when using color, font sizes, appropriate visuals and typefaces. Participants must consider the user experience as a priority.

Class Experience:
This course consists of lectures and practical demonstrations. Class exercises will be given to participants to understand the mechanics of web design/mobile websites for different genres under the facilitation of the lecturer. This is to provide participants the opportunity to explore the possibilities of how placement of texts and visuals and special effects can affect the overall user experience. Lessons will be conducted in the computer lab. Participants must present their web design solutions and are expected to participate in class critique sessions.

Course Deliverables:

  • Ability to understand the use of basic authoring tools
  • Ability to organize and plan for website interface and interactive media
  • Ability to design a user-experience oriented website or mobile website
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator/Indesign and Photoshop
Duration: 36 hours
Course Fee: $1200
Application Fee: $60
Award: “Certificate of Completion” on completion of the course

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