Specialist Diploma in Design Communication

The Orita Sinclair Apprenticeship Programme (Specialist Diploma in Design Communication) is an intensive 7 months programme aims to equip each apprentice with essential design skills required for their first steps into the real job market out there. We aim to bring them closer to their dream creative careers.

A general consensus heard amongst designers these days is that they learn the bulk of their knowledge inside a studio and workplace.

OSAP simulates this experiences to equip our apprentices with invaluable industry knowledge to succeed in the design world.

Our OSAP apprentices will:

  • Work on real project briefs from all spectrums of design
  • Appropriately respond and interpret to different assignments
  • Learn to propose ideas and execute them to their best, understand market trends, and develop effective strategies

They will be tested under the pressures of multiple projects and deadlines, while also cultivating their creative thinking. Most importantly, they will learn to handle clients’ needs and demands, all without losing their own vision and voice.

Under the guidance of creative directors with a belt of experience behind them, the OSAP Apprentice will graduate from the programme not just with a diploma at hand, but with a strong portfolio and confidence, ready to step forth into their dream creative careers.

The Orita Sinclair Apprenticeship Programme will challenge and stretch you beyond what you already know. It will refine your skills and with its sheer intensity, leave you breathless.

Intakes : January, April, July, and October
Duration : 7 Months
Location : 7 / 12A Pahang Street, Singapore 198613


  • Graphic Designer
  • Art Director
  • Brand Manager
  • Concept & Visual Artist
  • Copywriter
  • Illustrator
  • Editorial Designer
  • Photographer
  • Web Designer
  • Visual Merchandising Artist
  • Packaging Designer
  • Educator
  • Advertising Campaign Strategist


  1. Diploma in Design Communication or equivalent.
  2. Portfolio.
  3. Minimum 16 years of age.
  4. A pass in any 3 subjects (inclusive of English*) at N Level or equivalent.
  5. For applicants who do not meet requirement 1 or 4, a placement test is administered before an applicant can be enrolled into this course. Entry into the course is dependent on results of a placement test. Applicants with substantial industry practice will be interviewed and attended to on a case by case basis.

The focus of the Graphic Design Studio modules is to train apprentices to interpret and respond to a brief. 1 project will be submitted by the end of each term. The objective of these modules is to provide apprentices the opportunity to develop strategies to tackle branding campaigns targeted at clients with different needs and requirements.
Apprentices are responsible for the brand concept and positioning of the client. The deliverables will include the following:

  • Corporate Identity
  • Website Interface Design
  • Art Direction for Photography
  • Packaging (if applicable)
  • Other collateral include: Flyers, posters, direct mailers and press kits.

The modules are separated based on 3 projects over the duration of 3 terms. The projects include the following:

  • Graphic Design Studio 1: F&B Branding (Term 1)
  • Graphic Design Studio 2: Event/Exhibition Branding (Term 2)
  • Graphic Design Studio 3: Retail Branding (Term 3)

Total Hours: 216 hours (72 hours per module)

The focus of the Negotiated Study modules is to allow apprentices the opportunity and autonomy to propose projects that will showcase their creativity and individuality as a designer. Apprentices are required to do their own market research to see what the current trends are and come up with a proposal keeping in mind the following:

  • Realistic and achievable goals
  • Proper time management plan
  • Consideration of assessment criteria and expected outcome

The modules are separated based on 2 projects over the entire duration of the course. The projects include the following:

  • Negotiated Study 1: Self-Promotional Campaign
  • Negotiated Study 2: Self-Initiated Project

Total Hours: 144 hours (72 hours per module)

The focus of the Design Culture and Practices modules is to allow apprentices the opportunity to work in teams, similar to real life work situations in a design agency. These modules will run throughout the entire duration of the course. The modules are separated based on 2 group projects and 1 individual project. Example of Project/s:

Design Culture & Practices 1: iPhone Wallpaper (Group)

Apprentices are required to work as in teams to design and maintain a website. Apprentices will come up with new iPhone wallpapers which will be uploaded onto the website and are free to download for the public. Apprentices will then be tasked to come up with creative ideas to generate awareness and direct traffic towards the website.

Design Culture & Practices 2: In-house Magazine (Group)

Apprentices are required to work in teams to design an in-house magazine. The output does not necessarily have to be a printed issue. Every student is required to pitch his or her concept to the Creative Directors. The strongest concept will be selected for the apprentices to work on.

Design Culture and Practices 3: Designing a novelty product (Individual)

Apprentices are required to work independently and come up with an idea for a product. Often times, designers are challenged to develop new ideas for a product. Apprentices will take this opportunity to design, brand and package a novelty product.

Total Hours: 216 hours (72 hours per module)


Local Students International Students
S$650 S$1200

Application Fees can be made payable via cash or cheque made payable to “Orita Sinclair School of Design and Music Pte Ltd” at our school.

Alternatively, you may send the payment through ibanking, ATM and/or Telegraphic Transfer to the following account:
A/C Name: Orita Sinclair School of Design and Music Pte Ltd
Bank: DBS Bank, Singapore
A/C No: 003-920510-4
Swift Code: DBSSSGSG

Address: 12 Marina Boulevard, DBS Asia Central, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, Singapore 018982

NOTE: Application fee is non-refundable. All applicants are required to pay an application fee upon submission of application form. Click here for our refund policy and procedure

Item Fee
Programme Fee (Local) S$9,600
Programme Fee (International) S$12,000
Installment Administration Fee* S$50 payable with each installment

For payment of all the above fees, please refer to the details listed in our Fee Protection Scheme here

Item Cost
Medical Insurance S$250
Late Payment Fee S$25 per day until payment is made
Replacement of Student !D S$25
Replacement of Door Access Card S$50
*Student Pass Renewal/Extension Administration Fee S$100 – Payable upon application
Re-Module Fee $2,520 for Final Major Project /
$1,260 for all other Modules each
Re-Assessment Fee S$400
Course transfer fee S$600 – Payable upon approval of transfer
Course deferment fee S$400 – Payable upon approval of request

*Applicable to international students only

Click here for our refund policy and procedure