Muhammad Aidil Akmal bin Abu Bakar – Diploma in Music Production and Audio Engineering, graduated with Distinction

Zahir Mohamad Aafee Umar – Music Production & Audio Engineering student from Maldives

Aafreen Nazeera Siraj – Diploma in Design Communication with Merit

Edna Sun Yi Min – Diploma in Design Communication with Distinction


Orita Sinclair has good study environment, inspiring lecturers and awesome bunch of classmates. My time as a part-time student in Orita Sinclair has mould me into a better person

Regine Low – Diploma in Design Communication

At Orita Sinclair, I often identified as ‘the top student’. However, putting myself in the context of previous batch student, and not mentioning all talents out in the industry, I see myself just average. It’s lucky that for being top, I was given higher expectations, and sometimes more opportunities and exposures. Moving forward, I will keep the momentum to learn, push boundaries, and achieve best at what I can be

Sun Zhongyinan Sam – Diploma in Design Communication.


It’s been a great one-year journey thus far. Couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to spend with. Really grateful to have learnt from world-class mentors

Siow Jun – Diploma in Design Communication

After I joined Orita Sinclair, I feel like I’m really living the life of an audio engineer. Lecturers are more like mentors; I’m not just a student, but rather an apprentice of the lecturers.

Eric Ooi Yi Lee – Diploma in Music Production & Audio Engineering


Probably this is the best thing that ever happened in my life. Because, I’ve got to do what I always wanted to do. The lecturers could really get you more than just messing around with equipment.

Vinod – Diploma in Music Production & Audio Engineering