Immersed in a dynamic environment — from formal curriculum to exploratory projects, industry exposure and remarkable collaborations. Students will be trained to create strong concepts with a firm grounding in design fundamentals, to come up with creative solutions and to craft strategies to communicate effectively with your target audience.

The Learning Experience. You will be trained and learn to Adobe’s Creative Suite, as well as the many facets of visual communication and media design. You will also learn various modes of traditional image making and production as well as interactive new media design, including 3D, motion graphics and video production.

Job Opportunities:

  • Multimedia Developer
  • Video Producer
  • 3D Artist
  • Campaign Analyst

This course focuses on understanding the elements and principles of design and methods to apply it effectively. Students will take into account design consideration that integrate functionality, ergonomics and beauty. Student will also learn the elements of copywriting, balancing clarity and creativity in promotional text and learn from case studies in-class exercises.

Total Hours: 36 hours

It combines digital photography and the mastery of Photoshop. Image manipulation is important as designers often face the problem of working with images that are either poor in quality or lacking in consistency. Learn the basics of digital photography under controlled lighting, which aids you in shooting images for your personal portfolio.

Total Hours: 36 hours

This course focuses on the understanding of typeface design. Students will be able to identify the characteristics of typefaces and learn how the selection of typefaces can support the message and design. Students will be prepared to be proficient with Adobe Illustrator, and using typography in a constructive and visually effective manner.

Total Hours: 36 hours

This course focuses on the development of Graphic Design from early communication through various printing methods to the use of technology as a modern tool in the information age. Students will be exposed to major art movements and notable events that shaped the course of Graphic Design in the 21st century.

Total Hours: 36 hours

Student will explore the formal elements in traditional image-making process while providing an opportunity to discover new and interesting non-digital output. Students will learn craft and traditional painting methods and various print and production methods commonly used in the art and design industry.

Total Hours: 36 hours

There are millions of websites, blogs, and forums buried in digital space. Whether you are viewing from a computer screen or mobile device, the ability to design an engaging interface has always been a struggle for most web and mobile interface designers. This module focuses on designing for web and mobile platforms. Design static pages and learn basic web authoring skills. Provides a general understanding of web programming and its functions.

Total Hours: 36 hours


Students will gain an in-depth understanding to designing moving images for graphic communication solutions. Students will learn to create 2D motion graphics, exploring key concepts and processes, from ideation, storyboarding, illustration, animation, audio post production and visual effects for 2D such as music videos, title treatments, and graphics for broadcast, film and advertising.

Total Hours: 36 hours

This module focuses on equipping students with the basic knowledge of 3D computer generated imageries. Students will be introduced to the production of 3D graphics, learning how to perceive objects in a 3D setting and environment. They will be equipped with visualisation skills required for architectural and animated processes, such as modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering using industry 3D applications. This module encourages students to develop quality 3D content for product packaging, visualisation and advertising.

Total Hours: 36 hours

It focuses on equipping students with the knowledge and ability to produce videos for advertising purposes. Students will learn video production and post-production techniques, lighting and camera work, as well as scripting, storyboarding for advertising and the techniques of producing commercials. Students are required to produce an actual commercial as part of their deliverables in this module.

Total Hours: 36 hours


This course equips students with the necessary communication skills to compete well in the challenging business environment. Students will appreciate the role of a designer and how it fits in an effective organisational workflow. Students will be taught essential communication strategies and interpersonal skills to develop self-confidence and do well in a presentation.

Total Hours: 36 hours

This major course focuses on assessing student’s ability to make appropriate proposals based on a list of provided project briefs. Work independently with facilitators to develop a holistic campaign that best addresses the brief. Students will produce an integrated marketing campaign, incorporating what they have learnt in prior modules. They will be assessed based on the development process of the entire campaign, from their initial research to the development of their concepts, and ultimately the final presentation of their marketing campaign. This course is the essence of all the hard-work that they invested on their early study time.

Total Hours: 72 hours


Local Students International Students
S$650 S$1200

Application Fees can be made payable via cash or cheque made payable to “Orita Sinclair School of Design and Music Pte Ltd” at our school.

Alternatively, you may send the payment through ibanking, ATM and/or Telegraphic Transfer to the following account:
A/C Name: Orita Sinclair School of Design and Music Pte Ltd
Bank: DBS Bank, Singapore
A/C No: 003-920510-4
Swift Code: DBSSSGSG

Address: 12 Marina Boulevard, DBS Asia Central, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, Singapore 018982

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Item Fee
Programme Fee (Local) S$14,560
Programme Fee (International) S$18,200
Installment Administration Fee* S$50 payable with each installment

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Item Cost
Admin Fee $50 per installment
Late Payment fee $25 per day unitl payment is made
Replacement of Student ID $25 – Payable upon receipt of ID
Replacement of door access card $50 – Payable upon receipt of door access card
*Student pass renewal administration charge $50  – Payable upon application
Course Transfer fee $600 – Payable upon approval of transfer
Course deferment fee $400 – Payable upon approval of request
Course Conversion fee $400 – Payable upon approval of request
Re-module fee $35/hr – Payable one week before re-module commencement
Re-schedule an assessment $400 – Payable upon approval of request

*Applicable to international students only

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