Established since 2002 | One of the oldest design and music schools in the region | Led by field practitioners

Programmes of Our
Music School

Our Music School provides comprehensive training in the technical and creative aspects of contemporary music production, advanced sound design techniques, an understanding of acoustics and more. Gain practical experience through hands-on activities and authentic studio-based production projects, preparing students to launch their careers in the ever-evolving music industry.

Programmes of Our
Design School

Explore various design pathways at our Design School. Develop your communication skills to craft impactful visual content, learn the principles of design, create engaging digital interfaces and stay ahead of the curve with machine learning trends. Led by industry practitioners with valuable insights and mentorship, each program shapes your trajectory as a professional in the design landscape.

Internationally Recognised Music and Design School in Singapore

Orita Sinclair is a boutique design and music private education institution based in Singapore. Established in 2002, the institution provides learning and skills development led by field practitioners through music courses and graphic design courses and graphic design courses for students in preparation for a career in the industry.

Here at Orita Sinclair, we believe that theoretical and practical foundations are equally important with the music courses and design courses that we offer. For that reason, we have put in place a forward-looking curriculum that grounds students in key principles before being guided by field practitioners in applying theory and technical craft in authentic, industry-oriented projects.

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