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ArtSonica, Indonesia

School of Audio Technology in Indonesia. The only place in Indonesia certified as Steinberg Training Centre. Curriculum created by Agus Hardiman, a practitioner and award-winning music producer in Indonesia.

For more information : school.artsonica.com

Design Business Chamber Singapore

Orita Sinclair is delighted to join the Design Business Chamber Singapore (DBCS) family! We believe that the partnership with DBCS will bring value to our school as we work closely with them to continue building a rewarding education support for our students who are passionate to join the Design industry, and to promote Singapore as a centre of design within the region.

For more information : dbcsingapore.org

AES Myanmar

AES Myanmar was founded in 2016 as a private Creative Media Institute with the purpose of providing high quality education and training according to international standards. The aim is to enhance the talents and creativity of passionate Myanmar young people in Music, Arts, Technology and Creative Media. Orita Sinclair is proud to collaborate with them to design innovative ways to develop skills in music and audio production, and provide opportunities for cross-cultural exchanges.

For more information : https://www.aesmyanmarcmi.org/