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To be

a premier education institution focusing on design and music


To develop

our students to be bold and imaginative professionals in the pursuit of their ambitions



To be open and transparent with school policies and maintain a high level of professionalism



To strive for excellence and be passionate in providing world class education for our programmes



To be trendsetters in the creative education industry through high quality student work and innovative programmes

The Orita Sinclair Way

High quality teacher-to-student ratio

Discussion-driven with ample opportunity for interaction between our students and educators.

Educators who are practitioners

All our lecturers are practicing designers or artists. Students learn practical skills and glean worthwhile advice from real designers and artists of varying disciplines.

Always on trend

We stay on top of the latest design and music trends and believe that our curriculum should be current, flexible and value-adding. Our programmes are designed with input from industry and academic associates who are experts in their respective fields.


Our classroom reflects the real world and our projects and assignments are designed to simulate actual client requirements. Students will graduate with a diverse portfolio, poised to impress prospective employers and clients.