Creating Sound Design Portfolio Made Easy: A Complete Guide

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After you’ve mastered the fundamentals of sound design from your music school or music course, the next step is to look for a job as a sound designer, right? However, simply comprehending sound design isn’t enough to secure a job. You’d have to showcase your skills and convince your potential employers to hire you – […]

Design Copyright: Everything You Need To Know

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Designers are increasingly turning to platforms like Behance, Dribbble, or Pinterest for inspiration. You, too, are accustomed to using any of those platforms as a way to find ideas before settling on a design layout. While using other artistic works as inspiration is acceptable, one thing is certain: being inspired and straight-up copying designs aren’t […]

A Guide To 100 Design Terms & Definitions

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Navigating the world of graphic design requires fluency in its unique language – a collection of design terms that encapsulate the principles and practices of the craft.  Mastering this linguistic code is akin to gaining a passport to a world of endless possibilities, enabling you to decipher the jargon-filled conversations of your fellow designers and […]

Clicks to Customers: A Guide to Conversion Rate Optimisation

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In the ever-growing digital landscape, establishing your online presence can sometimes start with website creation. You might have started building a web design portfolio, applied to a graphic design course and learned the ins & outs of digital marketing to rank higher on the SERPs. But here’s the ugly truth: it’s hard to make it […]

Graphic Design For Social Media: A Beginner’s Guide

pexels antoni shkraba 4348401 Social media is a fast-paced environment where information is delivered quickly. This is becoming even more true as algorithms become more sophisticated and the competition among digital creators intensifies. Audiences on social media have a short attention span and expect instant gratification. If they don’t see something that catches their eye within the first […]

UX Designer VS Graphic Designer: Exploring the Differences

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 Graphic and interaction design are everywhere; just take a look around you. Look at the milk carton, the unfinished book on your bedside table, the subway posters you see on the way home and the website you spend all day browsing.  Even the most boring objects you could think of—manhole covers, benches, plain plastic bags—are […]

The Art of Making Music: How to Build a Music Home Studio

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When Grammy-winning artist Bon Iver (aka Justin Vernon) nursed a broken heart, he sought solace in his father’s hunting cabin. He broke up with his band, ended a relationship and faced personal issues in isolation. He almost had nothing but despair.  Who would have thought this would give birth to a Platinum-selling record that sold […]

2023 Guide on Music Producer Salary in Singapore

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Source: Freepik Being gifted with musical abilities makes your journey to becoming a musician seem simple. You find the freedom of expressing your artistic sense, whether by playing instruments or by singing, to be enjoyable. But just like any regular person, you begin to ponder what comes next after being a skilful musician. You may […]

Embrace Your Musical Skills and Start Making Music For Games

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Source: Freepik Video games captivate a lot of people, and maybe you’re one of them too. As you may be aware, music is an element that makes video games appealing, acting as a driving force behind the ambience and emotions, alongside immersive narrative and dynamic gameplay. From the spine-tingling melodies of a haunted house to […]

A Guide On How To Produce Electronic Music For Beginners

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Source: Freepik Electronic music holds a significant presence in today’s market. Whether it’s the tunes you hear on the radio, television or the Internet, electronic music elements can be found in a vast array of genres. As an aspiring electronic music producer, this fact is truly exciting and motivates you to delve into the world […]