A – Z on How to Create Web Design Portfolio With No Job Experience

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As a rookie web designer, your portfolio is a way that you can turn your creativity into lucrative projects. With an outstanding portfolio showcasing your design skills and past work experience, clients will better understand your capabilities and consider hiring you. But what if you’re a newbie with no experience? How do you effectively create […]

Turn Your Skills Into Lucrative Projects With A UX Design Portfolio!

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As an aspiring or starting UX designer, it will be such a waste of talent if you don’t present your skill sets in a UX design portfolio. It will also be hard for potential employers to figure out your capabilities without you actively sharing them. Additionally, a portfolio has become an essential part of recruitment […]

Top 9 Interview Questions for Graphic Designers You Should Know

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The day has arrived: after finishing a design course you’ve finally scheduled a job interview for a graphic design position. After creating the perfect resume along with a creative portfolio, a company takes a shot at you. So, how do you showcase your skills, ace the interview and prove that you’re the perfect candidate for […]

Let’s Find Out About the Audio Post Production Process!

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Have you ever watched a great movie with excellent audio quality and wondered how they did it? If so, that’s because, behind every decent movie, filmmakers will always collaborate with a dedicated audio team to produce high-quality audiovisual content.

Introduction to Music Royalties

Musicians should be aware of music royalties

Music royalties determine how much musicians can earn from their works. It’s a complex concept, but you can figure it out by reading this article!