Life in Singapore

About Singapore

The Republic of Singapore is made up of one main island with 63 surrounding islets.
42km wide, the main island has a total land area of 682 square km.

Over the past two centuries, Singapore has grown from a fishing village and transitional rubber trading port to a World’s center of commerce, economy, and leading industry. Singapore is the busiest port in the World serving over 600 shipping lines and is also one of the biggest airports with the ultimate quality of services.

Singapore is a major center for supplying electronic components and a leader in shipbuilding, repairing, and maintenance. As an important financial centre in the World, Singapore is served by 150 banks. High tech telecommunications network links the Republic of Singapore to the world via satellite providing the best business environment regionally. Singapore’s strength is in its hardworking, adaptable, resilient population, manpower, and dynamic economy.


5.6 million, 74.3% are Chinese, 13.4% are Malays, 9.0% Indians, and 3.2% Eurasians and other races. There is also a very large international expatriate community contributing to Singapore’s permanent progress.

Languages Spoken

English, Chinese, Malay, Tamil

Student Accommodation

A wide range of excellent accommodation can be found in Singapore to suit all kinds of budgets and needs. Shared rooms and facilities, full board, and choice of properties for rent are available through real estate agencies or selection from daily press. The accommodation fees are usually paid on a monthly or weekly basis. The average cost per month can start from S$400 for a shared room in HDB approved apartments. General advice with regards to the choice of accommodation could be obtained by the School’s counsellor (e.g. vicinity, neighbourhood, transportation connections, food facilities, and pricing, etc.). However, the final decision is left to the student or parents/guardians.

Relevant Singapore Laws

Below are some of the relevant laws in Singapore that students should note. However, ignorance of the law is no excuse and the responsibility is on the student to know and keep the laws.

Relevant Law


All international students studying in Singapore must have a valid passport and a student pass from the ICA (Immigration and Checkpoint Authority).


International students are not allowed to work in Singapore without a Work Pass Exemption from the MOM (Ministry of Manpower).


All drivers must be in possession of a valid Singapore driving license and the vehicle must be insured.


Possession of Controlled Drugs is presumed to be for trafficking, an offence which can carry the death penalty.

Alcohol Abuse

Any offense committed while being intoxicated (drunk) is punishable under the law. Drunk driving is a serious offence.


Smoking in specific public places and indoor restaurants is prohibited.


Jay walking is an offence.


Littering, spitting and vandalism (with graffiti) in public areas are serious offences.

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