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‘Lonely Shores’ produced by Wovensound

Lonely Shores e1617774945907

Our lecturer Vinod Dass (also known as producer Wovensound) and rapper Ihasamic! have recently teamed up for a song, featuring upcoming indie artist Jeena, whose ethereal singing style adds a layer of introspection to the track’s overall appeal. The track is written by Ihasamic! in his attempt to “reflect on times where we sometimes like to hold on to things that hurt us”, and produced by acclaimed producer Wovensound.

Framed with cinematic production and ethereal calm, the collaborative effort from Singapore’s finest musicians tackles mental and emotional health with a level of sensitivity that is often unheard of in contemporary hip-hop/R&B releases—for most of its existence. On a production standpoint, Wovensound meticulously captures these feelings in his music: “This was a little instrumental I made while it was raining outside and the original demo actually had rain sounds throughout it,” the eclectic producer said. “It then evolved into the sounds of the shore when the concept behind the song became more concrete.”
‘Lonely Shores’ is out now on all platforms. Find out more here.