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Music Courses by Orita Sinclair

Compose beautiful music and have it heard by a large audience!

Advance your musical abilities and start producing alluring compositions joining the Professional Music Courses at Orita Sinclair. Led by field practitioners, our music courses will equip you to foster your skills and prosper in the music industry.

The Professional Music Courses consist of focus in music production, songwriting, music business, and digital live sound production. Get to choose the course that suits your personal interests and career goals best.

Embark on your journey to becoming an expert in the music industry and have your composition heard by a large audience today. Read more about our diploma, degree, and WSQ approved, and short course’s details right here.

Short Course - Music Course

base 18
44 Reviews

WSQ Digital Live Sound Engineering

Objective: Learners will be a well-rounded live sound engineer with the knowledge and skills to get started in this exciting career.

Modules Summary: 11 topics related to digital live sound engineering.

Beginner •
1 session per week for 11 weeks (31 Hours)
Group 18
65 Reviews

WSQ Music Design for Games

Objective: Learners will be able to apply dynamic and non-linear musical composition techniques to compose music for a range of video game genres.

Modules Summary: 8 topics related to music design for games.

Beginner •
2.5 Days (16 Hours)
Group 19
20 Reviews

WSQ Digital Audio Video Networking (Dante)

Objective: Learners will complete the course as a confident Dante systems engineer, armed with the globally recognised Dante Level 1 & 2 Certifications.

Modules Summary: 10 topics related to digital audio video networking.

Beginner •
2.5 Days (18 Hours)
Group 20
33 Reviews

WSQ Sound Design for Video Games

Objective: Learners will gain hands-on experience with industry-standard audio software and develop the skills needed to create professional-quality audio for games.

Modules Summary: 8 topics related to sound design for video games.

Beginner •
2 Days (16 Hours)
Group 21
73 Reviews

WSQ Mixing Music Professionally in Home Studio

Objective: Learners will be able to use a digital audio workstation to apply a range of sound mixing techniques to mix a music track for publication and distribution.

Modules Summary: 11 topics related to mixing music professionally in the home studio.

Beginner •
2 Days (14 Hours)

Teaching Faculty

Boon Lim. Design Faculty.

Boon Lim

Adjunct Lecturer,
Design Faculty

MA in 2D and 3D Visualisation,
Lougborough University
Boon has a decade of working experience in printing, promotions, and advertising, working with brands such as Skippy, Lipton, Martell, Chivas, and Alfa Romeo, and government statutory boards such as BCA and NEA, before moving on to tertiary education.

How to Apply

All prospective students are encouraged to contact our Recruitment Executive or authorised recruitment agents for a pre-course counseling session if they would like to enrol for a course with Orita Sinclair School of Design & Music. The purpose of this session is for us to address the needs of students as an individual, professional and as a student of our institute.

FAQS of Music Course

The best course for music depends on your interests and career aspirations. At Orita Sinclair, our Music Production & Audio Engineering course is designed to provide comprehensive training in both the technical and creative aspects of music production. This course is ideal for those looking to develop their skills in recording, mixing, mastering, and music composition, preparing students for a variety of roles in the music industry.

The best degree for music can vary based on your career goals. Degrees in Music Production, Audio Engineering, Music Performance, or Music Education are popular choices. At Orita Sinclair, our diploma in Music Production & Audio Engineering offers specialized training that combines both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, making it an excellent choice for aspiring music professionals who want to excel in the industry.

In a music course at Orita Sinclair, students study a range of subjects designed to provide a well-rounded education in music. The curriculum includes music theory, audio engineering, sound design, digital audio workstations (DAWs), mixing and mastering, and music business. Students also gain hands-on experience through projects and studio work, ensuring they are well-prepared for various roles in the music industry.

Yes, a musician can make good money, especially with the right skills, networking, and opportunities. Careers in music production, audio engineering, live performance, and music education can be lucrative. Additionally, with the rise of digital platforms, musicians have more avenues to monetize their work through streaming, licensing, and online sales. At Orita Sinclair, we equip our students with the skills and industry knowledge needed to succeed and thrive in the competitive music industry.

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Boon Lim. Design Faculty.

Boon Lim

Adjunct Lecturer,
Design Faculty

MA in 2D and 3D Visualisation,
Lougborough University
Boon has a decade of working experience in printing, promotions, and advertising, working with brands such as Skippy, Lipton, Martell, Chivas, and Alfa Romeo, and government statutory boards such as BCA and NEA, before moving on to tertiary education.

Loong Cui Wen. Design Faculty.

Loong Cui Wen

Adjunct Lecturer,
Design Faculty

BFA in Visual Communications,
NTU School of Art, Design and Media
Cui Wen has more than 8 years of experience in graphic design and illustration, and has worked with commercial and private clients such as Love and Co, STB and various design agencies to create artworks. She has collaborated with an author on a published children's book, 'If Doors Could Speak'. She has a keen interest in outdoor painting and sketching, as well as creating illustrations in watercolour and acrylic mediums. She also loves to share art making techniques with people of all ages in workshops and classes.

Shawn Heng. Design Faculty.

Shawn Heng

Adjunct Lecturer,
Design Faculty

BDes in Communication Design,
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Shawn is a part-time educator, part-time creative, and a full-time dad. He currently leads a design team at DSTNCT, an integrated marketing agency, and has a decade of experience in print, advertising, and (more recently) social media. Shawn has a HOW design award under the Promotion & Marketing category in 2018. as well as SingaPlural Recognition awards for his works in 2016 under the label Simitaiji.

Eugene Chen

Adjunct Lecturer,
Design Faculty

MA in Communication Management,
University of New South Wales
Eugene is a practicing IMC Registered Management Brand Consultant (RMC no.10057) with over 23 years of vast creative and branding experience. He holds a Masters of Arts in Communication Management from the University of New South Wales, Bachelor of Science from National University of Singapore and a Cambridge University International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers.
Eugene completed his tours as a creative director at RBW advertising and Brainwave Design and is currently the Founder & Principal of ELEFANT - a brand, communications, and creative consultancy. He is also an Associate Principal Consultant at i1920 Inc - an award-winning brand consultancy.
He is well versed conceptually, strategically and technically in the areas of design, branding & identity system, advertising, production… The 1st Asian Youth Games is his trophy showcase brand among other creative, branding and advertising projects he has done over the years for numerous startup, SME, MNC and government client.
As an educator, Eugene has over 11 years of experience as an Adjunct Lecturer, Student Consultant Mentor and as an Enterprise Business Coach. He cherishes every opportunities that allows him to interact and mentor aspiring minds and helping them grow.

Kevin Tan. Design Faculty.

Kevin Tan

Adjunct Lecturer,
Design Faculty

BA (Hons) in Design Communication,
Goldsmiths' College
A multi-disciplinary designer who is active in User Experience Design and Web Development for the past 5 years. Kevin always has been fond of designing and developing digital ideas, products or solutions that are modular and have strong emphasis on clean, playful and usable design.

Elwin Goh. Design Faculty.

Elwin Goh

Adjunct Lecturer,
Design Faculty

BFA in Photography and Imaging,
Art Center College of Design
Brewed by 10 years of experience with visual art, Elwin has cultivated a knack for narrating stories with images, working with various mediums and concepts that garnered him international photographer award for both advertising and art.

Jackson Chua. Design Faculty.

Jackson Chua

Adjunct Lecturer,
Design Faculty

Advanced Diploma in Multimedia,
Raffles Design Institute
With over 13 years of experience in the video industry, Jackson has been working in his own studio on corporate videos and campaigns with clients such as Marina Bay Sands, Dassault Systemes and NTUC Enterprises. Bringin a storytelling perspective to his work, he is known for creating a nimble and flexible creative team that helps him to bring his visions to life.

Sarah Tang. Design Faculty

Sarah Tang

Adjunct Lecturer,
Design Faculty

BA. Honors in Graphic Design,
Loughborough University, United Kingdom
Sarah Tang is the co-founder of Sarah and Schooling and an educator based in Singapore.

An ardent supporter of Singapore’s local literary scene, she founded her firm in 2013 with the goal to raise the design standards of local books. She has built a reputation in her specialisation of designing books and publications across multiple genres. Her firm focuses the nuanced intersection between text and image; creating a connection with text by evoking associations through the power of visuals. She has been featured in ArtsEquator, Esquire Singapore, Home and Décor, Malay Mail Online, The Straits Times and nominated in the Arts and Media category for ‘Great Women of Our Time 2016’ by Women’s Weekly.

Sarah also has extensive teaching experience in multiple schools including LASALLE College of the Arts, MAD School, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and Orita Sinclair School of Design and Music. She teaches a wide range of students from youths in a foundational program to adults with a curiosity to learn more or with an intention to switch their career paths. She actively participates in mentorship programs and believes that having empathy is the key to being a successful designer.

Cain Lim

Design Faculty

Diploma in Product and Industrial Design,
Temasek Polytechnic
Trained as an industrial designer, Cain believes effective communications is multidimensional. For more than 15 years, he honed his interdisciplinary skills as a designer and communication strategist in agencies of all shapes and sizes, finding ways to help brands speak better. An advocate for creativity + social impact, he hopes to create better habits and bridge strategic business growth through sustainable practices and innovations in design.

When he is not drawing grids and pushing letters, Cain loves to camp, kayak and scour the land for the best prata. He cannot wait to show you his collection of rocks from around the world and work on some awesome projects together.

Saleem Hadi

Adjunct Lecturer,
Design Faculty

MA (Creative Writing), Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore
Saleem Hadi is a hybrid visual-storyteller who uses theatre and film to shed light on national narratives and social issues. He is also a bilingual writer who writes poems and short stories. Saleem had written, directed and produced more than 20 plays and 25 short films. Saleem Hadi is currently championing a nation-wide Indian short film archival project, THEINDBOX.SG, under his non-profit organization, Singapore Indian Theatre & Film Explorers (SITFE) Ltd (www.sitfe.sg).