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Student Council

In Orita Sinclair, we aim to provide our students with a holistic educational experience. Besides scheduled lessons, there is much that students can learn from one another and beyond the class rooms. The Student Council was formed in February 2014. It aims to organise and facilitate student activities outside of curricular time in order to broaden students learning and to foster social interaction between students from both the Design Communications and the Music Production and Audio Engineering Departments. The Council also acts as a bridge between the students and School Management team, where continuous feedback can be given by both parties for continuous improvements.

Manoj KumarChairman

An autodidact Graphic Designer from India is with Orita Sinclair, shaping his design knowledge and experimenting on the learning curves. He always stood as an out of box thinker with massive enthusiasm. Extending hands with his fellow mates, he is very compassionate and shares a lot of his day to day design experiences.

Logendhra P.Vice Chairman

A hardworking Creative soul with wide interest in Typeface design. He has a tongue of an improviser and love listening to others ideas. He has a warm and friendly personality as shown from the way he express himself through his design.