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SingaStar by Young Productions

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Our alumni, Joshua Young, has recently started Young Productions, an online platform for singing competitions. SingaStar is the debut, and it’s Singapore’s first stay-at-home singing competition jointly organized by Glitz and Blitz Pte Ltd and Young Productions Pte Ltd. The goal of this event is to bring out the talents of foreign communities living in Singapore. The competition is open to EP, S-Pass, Work Permit holders, age 21 to 50 years old. This is a great opportunity to make good use of everyone’s “stay at home” time and win exciting rewards and cash prizes!

SingaStar is here to take you on an engaging online journey that goes beyond the restrictive measures of the Covid-19 season! Unleash the Performer in you. Deadline for submission is 3 June 2020. Register here: https://youngproductions.asia/registration/

Read more: https://youngproductions.asia/