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Universal Music Group’s (UMG) independent artist and music distribution platform, SpinnUp has just been launched in South East Asia (SpinnUp Asia) with a strong focus on Singapore. As a part of the continuing partnership between Orita Sinclair and UMG, we’ve got you a special promo code that you can use to subscribe to Spinnup Asia. This promotion allows you to distribute a single FREE* for the first year! Email to [email protected] or contact your lecturers to get the promo code.

About SpinnUp

SpinnUp is a platform established since 2013, that provides independent artists (especially Music School students and graduates) the best way to release music easily and collect 100% of their royalties, without going through a label. Learn more: https://spinnup.com/as/

*This promotion is applicable to Orita Sinclair’s students and alumni only.